The EYE token empowers MEDIA EYE users while reducing costs of services on the platform. The EYE token can be used to receive discounts and to unlock select platform services, including NFT campaign creation, subscription payments, creating events, airdrops and more. Holders of EYE tokens can reduce their platform fees by 15% on select services. EYE token acts as user rewards vehicle and allows holders to stake in order to farm liquidity, up to 50% of generated within MEDIA EYE ecosystem are distributed to farmers on all MEDIA EYE supported network. Another 25% of fees generated within the ecosystem go to token buy back and operating costs. MEDIA EYE's goal is to ensure organic growth and stability within its token economy, while continuing to add utility and services to drive continuously growing demand for the EYE token. Other deflationary measures are included in the token economy design, these include token burn and buyback when creating a market on a newly supported blockchain network and EYE token markets rebalancing through active market marking and circulating supply management.