The EYE token is an ERC-20, BEP-20 and also planned for release on Polygon that is central to the utility of the MEDIA EYE platform. It carries a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens apportioned equally, with 500 million ERC-20 EYE tokens and 500 million BEP-20 EYE tokens. In the future EYE token supply will be burned in part on ETH and BSC existing markets in order to release EYE on Polygon and create new markets on other supported blockchains, resulting in reduction of existing token supply on current markets ETH and BSC markets. Distribution and Staking EYE token distribution strategy incorporates vesting for token distribution to team, advisors and marketing partners. An on-going staking and rewards program for our members and partners ensures long-term sustainability for EYE token markets and holders.

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