Minting Tools

Take advantage of Web 3.0 technology using MEDIA EYE core services!
MEDIA EYE NFT Creator services will help anyone to express themselves, create highly customized offerings, connect collections across social media platforms worldwide and much more.
With the MEDIA EYE NFT Platform users can take advantage of various Media & NFT services:
Minting services:
Open and Fixed Supply
NFT Collections
Dynamic NFTs
NFTs that Care
Gas Optimized Minting
Unlimited Collections Sizes
Free minting of NFTs on EYE Store
Royalty Splits
Proceeds Splits
Group and Community Minting Options
Batch Minting
Lockable and Unlockable Content
Hide & Reveal
NFT Marketplace:
Broad Range of Categories
Easily Searchable Content
Extensive Filtering Options
Trending and Popular Content
Premium Ad spaces for promotions
Customized listing Functions
Trade your NFT with different Auction types:
eBay Style