EYE Social

Engage, socialize and earn

MEDIA EYE is very pleased to inform our community that EYE Socials will be another comprehensive service we plan to introduce in Q4 of 2023. EYE Social is our ecosystem's native social media platform that allows anyone to connect, engage and reach a broad range of users, share interesting topics, inform about events, and always stay up to date with latest news.

So let's jump right in to learn more about EYE Socials 🗣️

MEDIA EYE plans to take the concept of social networking, community building and creating awareness to a new level. EYE Socials empowers all of our users to contribute, participate, engage, learn, share and earn. Socializing and engagement are the building blocks of our ecosystem! EYE Socials is designed to empower creators, brands, protocols, charities, and contributors from all walks of life. EYE Socials is the new generation of web3 social networking services platforms where users are rewarded for social activities and can gain direct access to participate in various events, campaigns, promotions and charitable activities.

MEDIA EYE is focused on offering users the best experiences through dedicated forums, spaces, channels and news feeds on EYE Social, designed to connect and inform.

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