MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is an all inclusive Media & NFT ecosystem offering easy to use, customizable, user friendly web3 applications and social media services. An all-in-one platform that solves the problem of fragmented services in web3.

MEDIA EYE TEAM is a group of blockchain and NFT enthusiasts who have come together to design and develop a next-generation NFT ecosystem built on a single, unified framework that can truly support the epic diversity of NFT use cases, while bridging the gap between web2 and web3. We recognize the need to offer services, which support leading social media, streaming, and marketing platforms in order to support a more user-friendly and seamless web3 experience.

MEDIA EYE focuses on taking our users on an amazing journey, helping to harness the power of web3. MEDIA EYE technology and NFTs can enable anyone to create unique digital assets, supporting an extensive variety of use cases, for example; digital art, digital wearables, social passes, avatars, advertising, DeFi, NFTFi, sports, entertainment, e-commerce, tokenization of real world assets, digital identity, charity and more.

We are on a mission and we won't stop!

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