Creator Economy

Growing the Creator Economy

With the introduction of WEB 3.0, and the rapid growth the creator economy, it is our goal to empower our users with services necessary to support and grow the creator economy with NFTs at scale. This is where MEDIA EYE is truly the next-generation platform capable of supporting the vast ecosystems of digital goods, services, collectibles, avatars and digital assets that make up the ever-growing creator economy. At the same time, opening up opportunities for users to create value at scale with existing digital content and services markets.

Empowering the Creator Economy

MEDIA EYE believes in supporting clearly defined metrics, principles and goals driving the creator economy, with focus on ensuring we can help our users to create ASOP:
  • Awareness - Large-Scale global media distribution
  • Ownership - Access to brands, digital assets, goods and services
  • Stakeholders - diverse range of holders and participants
  • Participation - Direct reach to a broad range of audiences
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