Mint NFTs & NFT Collections

Add minters, set royalties, set splits and more..

Mint NFTs & NFT Collections

One of the most attractive aspects of the NFT world is that anybody can become an NFT artist and make their own collection. MEDIA EYE makes it easy for businesses, brands, advertisers, artists, and event organizers to create, bundle and sell NFTs. Create NFTs or NFT collections on supported web3 networks and customize content by adding properties, levels, and stats. It’s also possible to add NFTs to existing collections and highlight them with the MEDIA EYE Spotlight service. Completing the minting process requires a small transaction fee depending on which blockchain the user's NFT is minted on. To learn how to Mint an NFT, please refer to our User Guide.

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Add minters

Benefit from add minters feature which allows multiple participants to be assigned or added as NFT coiners by the owner. The ownership always remains with the creator/owner, while coiners can upload content and initiate minting functions for the collection.


MEDIA EYE supports the EIPS 2981 standard offering protection for creators. We also go the extra mile to protect buyers and ensure that royalties are capped at 50% for all collections created on MEDIA EYE. We are happy to support creators, collectors and traders alike to ensure safe environment for everyone. To learn more about EIPS 2981:

Royalty Splits

Creators are offered at the time of contract creation to determine royalty splits amongst multiple wallets and owners and also royalty splits can be determined after minting. The creators may want to set royalty for their NFTs, so a certain percentage of future sales for the NFT items in the collection can be shared with the creators and charities. This further supports a variety of interesting business models.

Proceeds Splits

Proceed splits is another convenient way for creators to share net proceeds automatically from NFT sales with selected pay groups. Add co-creators, contributors and others to your pay groups to share proceeds, it is easy to do and automated.


Creators are able to select from over 1000 charities from MEDIA EYE's "Charity Place" to which portion of royalties or proceeds can be sent to a charity of their choice. All transactions are fully trackable and auditable on the supported blockchains. Creators wishing to crate NFTs that Care are advised to use Royalty splits customizable settings to ensure allocations to charity are supported on 3rd party marketplaces which support the 2981 EIPS standard.

Batch Minting

By calling an array of IDs and amounts users are able to benefit by effectively batch minting multiple NFTs in a single transaction. This a standard feature amongst many NFT protocols but is often implemented without further optimization for gas savings. We are working hard to make sure that our users can have the most efficient services at their disposal. Therefore we include solutions such as 721A and other implementations to ensure our creators can take advantage of the latest most cost effective solutions.

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