The eYe token is designed to be a multi-chain utility token, compatible with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, that empowers MeDIA eYe users while reducing costs of services on the platform. The eYe token can be used to receive discounts and to unlock select platform services, including the NFT campaign launcher, subscription fees, booking events, farming, staking and participation in NFT airdrops. Holders of eYe tokens can reduce their platform fees by 15% on select services.
Similar to other DeFi protocols, the eYe token is also distributed to users as a function of their total transactions, or value transferred on the MeDIA eYe network, in the form of rewards. The eYe token also facilitates advanced DeFi features for both ETH and BSC networks, such as incentivized cohort farming, a tax on token sellers that is distributed to eYe token farmers/stakers, and automated rewards pools for frequent users.
Last modified 2mo ago
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