eYe Tokenomics
The eYe Token is an ERC20 and BEP20 token that is central to the utility of the MeDIA eYe platform. It carries a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens apportioned equally, with 500 million ERC20 eYe tokens and 500 million BEP20 eYe tokens.


Ticker: eYe

Token supply: 1 Billion (FIXED)

Team: 230M eYe (vesting over 24 to 36 months) Presale Round Public: 50M eYe ($0.01 per eYe) IDO: 20M eYe ($0.015 per eYe)
Marketing & Rewards: 250M eYe
Development & Investments: 250M eYe
QUAI DAO Treasury: 200M eYe


50% of all fees generated on the platform to be distributed for farming and rewards. 25% of all NFT platform fees will go to operating expenses and eYe token buyback. 25% all fees generated on the platform are to be paid to QUAI DAO for Governance and Management, with an equivalent amount in eYe tokens to be burnt.
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