Creator Services
MEDIA EYE Core Services leverage Web 3.0 technology to the hilt for everyone!
MEDIA EYE does its best to provide a unique range of Web 3.0 blockchain based services which are highly user friendly and easily accessible to everyone. MEDIA EYE offers its users, no matter the level of experience with NFTs, the ability to easily and cost effectively create NFTs and use our applications to rapidly deploy their content across digital markets globally, perform marketing and create value for any relevant use-case, all from one platform.
Digital Content
MEDIA EYE supports a wide range of digital content formats for all of our creator services. We try to offer creators maximum flexibility and assurance of knowing that their time and efforts are valuable and we respect that, no need to spend time reformatting files or compressing to file sizes where content quality suffers. We go the extra step, and ensure that a wide range of options for content uploads is available! *Creators can upload image, video, audio, 2D, or 3D model files (JPEG, PNG, SVG, MP4, GLB, GLTF, OBJ) with a maximum file size of up to 250MB. We plan to add other popular formats for 3D art and gaming in the near future.
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