What is MEDIA EYE?

MEDIA EYE is NFTs Unbound!
MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is the first Web 3.0 technology platform that offers a comprehensive suite of programmatic on-chain and off-chain services enabling all users to create, trade, deploy and cost-effectively distribute digital content via NFTs from a single platform.
MEDIA EYE technology provides automated non-custodial services for a diverse range of NFT use cases, offering users a variety of options to create NFT collections, campaigns, promotions, events, avatars, generate unique content, customize creator services, and more.
We are a group of blockchain and NFT enthusiasts who have come together to design and develop an NFT ecosystem built on a single, unified platform that can truly support the epic diversity of NFT use cases. We have also recognized the need to integrate our services with all leading social, streaming, and marketing platforms to provide unprecedented opportunities to benefit from Web 3.0 technologies - worldwide!
The growing popularity of Web3.0 and the growth of the Metaverse only stimulate us so we are on a mission and we won't stop!