What is MEDIA EYE?
MEDIA EYE is NFTs Unbound!
MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is the go-to BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform created to support promoters, businesses, advertisers, brands, digital content creators, protocols, and anyone looking to leverage the immense potential of NFTs globally. MEDIA EYE is developed as a multi-chain protocol in order to support NFT driven services across a wide array of digital markets, while helping users to expand their NFT use cases globally. MEDIA EYE is opening the Web 3.0 services through the METAGATE to its users, providing them with a diverse range supported "no" coding required services for NFTs. The platform is also highly user friendly, offering anyone the ability to participate in the rapidly evolving creator economies and Web 3.0 revolution, bringing users into the decentralized digital landscape, while still offering Web 2.0 integrated services to provide ease of use and interoperability for social media, streaming, and marketing. MEDIA EYE is NFTs UNBOUND! We are breaking down barriers and removing limitations by expanding the use case for NFTs across a broad range of digital content markets, including; art, gaming, crypto, business, advertising, media, sports, charity and more.
Our platform is designed to on -board a diverse range of users and cater to their needs, with a variety of NFT driven services that are unmatched in the industry today, here are just some of the advantages of MEDIA EYE.

Advantages of MEDIA EYE NFT Portal

  • MEDIA EYE offers an intuitive and frictionless experience for both businesses and individuals alike "no coding required", our platform service are automated and user friendly.
  • MEDIA EYE’s non-custodial platform makes it easy for anyone to create, collect, market, promote, sell, and distribute NFTs.
  • MEDIA EYE provides a broad range of functional advantages that are designed to drive NFT adoption by giving users the ability to create collections, contribute to charities, rapidly deploy and distribute unique campaigns, offer rewards to consumers, and create unique events that drive "awareness, ownership, stakeholders and participation".
  • MEDIA EYE pioneered the first cross-chain subscription-based model for NFTs, where platform users can rapidly create and deploy NFTs in a cost-effective manner across a broad range of Web 3.0 networks by subscribing once to the service and unlocking services across all networks.
  • MEDIA EYE offers an intuitive and frictionless experience for its users, "no coding required", services are programmatic, user and creator guides provide easy to follow instructions for users.
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