Addressable Markets

A new era for digital content creation and distribution with NFTs

Reachable Market

The total reachable market for MEDIA EYE cannot be calculated precisely, as it is aimed at anyone interested in creating and distributing digital media.
An extensive variety of audiences can be reached with NFTs for social media, events, direct mail, and advertising that aim to demonstrate the benefits of NFTs and how they can be used in a wide range of digital media markets.
To increase the achievable market share, MEDIA EYE plans to partner with well-known creators, KOLs, NFT platforms, and a wide range of BaaS protocols in various market segments such as art, gaming, crypto, business, sports, media, and charity.

Leading the Market

MEDIA EYE platform offers a diverse selection of services and is geared towards Generation Z, as these early adopters influence the behavior of Millennials and Generation X alike.
  • Increase reach, coverage & market penetration The platform's Design appeals to the 16-35 age group and offers comprehensive on-chain services on a single platform, enabling frictionless interaction and making it easy for creatives to effectively reach new and existing audiences.
  • Increase brand awareness The MEDIA EYE platform can help businesses and brands increase their brand awareness by giving them the opportunity to showcase their services and products in a unique way.
  • Unique Services Users have a unique set of services at their disposal, including fast NFT creation, easy deployment, global distribution, automated royalties, integrated social networks, charities, and more.
  • Customized campaigns MEDIA EYE offers anyone the ability to create customized campaigns that include unique events, airdrops, tasks, socials, streaming, mass marketing services, charities and other tools that help increase awareness of > property > stakeholders > while expanding reach and coverage worldwide. MEDIA EYE Web 3.0 services to maximize the benefits of NFTs, all on a single platform.

Digital Media on NFTs

Global content consumption continues to grow exponentially, doubling year over year, but studies have shown that users are tired of traditional media content.
Content creators and advertisers need to find new and innovative ways to promote and increase awareness of their brands. NFTs are an ideal medium to directly promote, target and deliver digital content. At the same time, they offer unique experiences by connecting audiences to the Metaverse via BaaS platforms.
The MEDIA EYE platform can help focus digital advertising campaigns for both vertical and horizontal markets. This expands the scope of NFTs for highly targeted marketing strategies and also enables creators, companies and brands to efficiently present their offerings and services.
A good example of this is the gaming industry, which sees NFTs as a very effective tool to generate interest, grow the user base, and increase awareness by using NFTs both as a promotional tool and as a commercial medium to promote their business.
The gaming industry continues to successfully develop NFTs as the popularity and demand for gamified NFT services increases:
  • Newzoo reports that there will be 2.69 billion gamers worldwide by the end of 2020. Growth is consistent, with an average annual increase of 5.6%. By 2021, the number of players is expected to reach 2.81 billion, representing an estimated value of $189.3 billion for the global gaming market. This is a huge addressable market. Gamers play a big role in changing the perception of projects, as they are perceived as a "tight-knit" community. Working with famous gamers and Twitch streamers is extremely important for targeting gamers. They are the "influencers" of the community, and their word is highly valued.
  • In sports alone, if we just look at the football industry, the 2018 World Cup had over 3 billion viewers. This could be one of the biggest potential target markets for BaaS platforms. Fans could be enticed with NFTs that have real value, such as memorabilia, tickets to matches, meetings with players, hosted events, rewards, etc. The same could apply to any other sport, which has already proven very successful with the Top Shot platform NBA NFT.