Addressable Markets
NFTs are bringing a diverse range of digital content to the Metaverse.
Digital Content Markets The MEDIA EYE platform is designed to support marketers, artists, businesses, collectors, gamers, entertainers, and sports organizations wanting to merchandise, promote and advertise their services and products. MEDIA EYE is both an NFT creator portal and a direct digital content delivery platform It allows users based on their strategy and goals, to literally do anything they require in order to create NFTs, distribute, buy, sell and deliver digital content to the markets. Attainable Market The total attainable market for MEDIA EYE could not be calculated accurately, due to the fact that it targets everyone who is interested in creating and distributing digital media. A broad range of audiences can be reached using NFTs for social media, events, direct promotion and advertising designed for the purpose of showing the benefits of NFTs, and how they can be introduced across a wide spectrum of digital media markets. In order to expand its attainable market share, MEDIA EYE plans to partner with known creators, KOLs, NFT platforms, and a broad range of BaaS protocols in various market segments such as art, gaming, crypto, business, sports, media and charity. Leading the Market MEDIA EYE is focused on becoming a leader in NFT-driven BaaS adoption in the markets. The pros of the platform speak for themselves, especially that this is a new, one-of-a-kind platform designed with Generation Z in mind, as these early adopters are influencing the behaviors of Millennials and Generation X alike.
Advantages of the MEDIA EYE platform:
Aggregated data
Extensive on-chain services
Driving brand awareness
Automated rewards pools
Customized campaigns
Aggregated data for multiple markets makes it easy to find and buy your favorite NFTs.
Design of the platform is highly attractive to the 16 to 35 years of age demographic, while offering extensive on-chain services and frictionless interaction.
The MEDIA EYE platform can help businesses and brands drive awareness, while allowing them the ability to uniquely highlight their services and products by using various BaaS features, such as, Featured Content, Charity Place, Marketing campaigns and the Events Gallery to host and promote unique offerings, including the ability to conduct curated NFT airdrops.
Automated rewards pools for top 10 users offer a unique opportunity for participants to receive a portion of the fees generated by the MEDIA EYE platform on the ETH, BSC and FTM networks.
Creators are offered unique services, such as NFT Bundling, Royalties, Proceeds Splits and the ability to support a selected charity via Charity Place
MEDIA EYE also offers Influential users (KOLs) the ability to create customized campaigns and promote various events, while providing unique experiences to their followers. By utilizing unlimited capacity to mint and distribute NFTs to mass audiences globally, influencers can easily expand their followership in a cost-effective manner
Digital Media on NFTs Global content consumption continues to grow exponentially, doubling year over year, but studies have shown that users are experiencing fatigue from traditional media content. Content creators and advertisers are facing the challenges of introducing new and innovative ways to promote brands and create awareness. NFTs are an ideal medium for promotion, engagement and direct delivery of digital content, while providing unique experiences by connecting their audiences with the Metaverse through BaaS platforms. A good example is the gaming industry, which is finding NFTs to be a very effective instrument to increase interest, grow usership and drive awareness by using NFTs as both a promotional and commercial medium to drive their business. NFTs are providing new ways to introduce users to the new generation of applications developed on the blockchain that provide entertainment, novel participatory models and the ability to earn income. The gaming industry continues to successfully grow usership with NFTs, as popularity and demand grows for gamified NFT services:
  • Newzoo reports that there were 2.69 billion gamers in the world by the end of 2020. Growth has been steady, with an average of 5.6% year-over-year increase. 2021 figures are forecasted to reach 2.81 billion gamers that will earn the global games market an estimated $189.3 billion. This is a huge addressable market. Gamers play a huge part in shifting perceptions to projects as they are perceived to be a “close-knit” community. Collaborations with famous gamers and Twitch streamers are extremely important while targeting gamers. Those are the “influencers” of the community, and their word is highly valued.
  • In sports alone, if we just take the football industry, the 2018 World Cup had over 3 billion viewers. This could be one of the biggest potential markets that BaaS platforms can target. Fans could be enticed with NFTs that are backed up by real-life value, such as memorabilia, game tickets, meeting players, hosted events, rewards and so forth. The same could be applied to every other sport, this has already proven to be very successful with the Top Shot's NBA NFT platform.
Sustaining the Lead MEDIA EYE plans to become a leader in delivering digital media content on NFTs, specializing in different types of content creation and distribution e.g., graphics, audio and visual content to drive reach, coverage and attract users. It is important to highlight the uniqueness of the platform, as users can launch global digital media campaigns using NFTs in minutes. This allows influencers, entertainers, KOLs, businesses and brands to successfully drive unique campaigns, delivering bespoke digital content to their subscribers, users and new target audiences. Establishing a user/fan base is extremely important to sustain the lead in today's competitive markets, especially as audiences are experiencing traditional content fatigue. NFTs help directly connect brands and businesses in their industry with their targeted demographic. MEDIA EYE platform can help focus digital media advertising campaigns both for vertical and horizontal markets, expanding the NFT use case for highly focused marketing strategies. Also, MEDIA EYE can help creators, businesses and brands efficiently introduce their offerings and services to new audiences globally and acquire additional market share in previously untapped segments.
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