NFT Marketplace

Where creators and buyers meet to interact!
Marketplace is the core of NFT commerce, allowing users to monetize and acquire unique digital assets embedded in NFTs.
MEDIA EYE aims to provide users with most advanced marketplace services and features offering an easy-to-use and fun environment allowing users to monetize and acquire unique digital assets embedded on NFTs.

NFT Bundling

NFT Bundling provides different assortments of NFTs in a single bundle (up to 10) that are bundled to provide creators and buyers with a greater variety of NFT assortments that can be offered cost-effectively in a single transaction.


With MEDIA EYE it is possible to easily determine, enforce & modify royalties for NFTs. The platform is focused on helping creators use the latest standards and suggestions in Web 3.0 for royalty enforcement to protect creators' rights. We believe that creators' rights to royalties are very important and ensure a healthy economy for creators.
MEDIA EYE has adopted the EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard for all NFT printing services.

Charitable Organizations

MEDIA EYE has made it possible to donate to a charitable organization when offering an NFT for sale. It is at the sole discretion of the creator what percentage of the sale proceeds should go to the charity.
All transactions are processed via smart contracts on the blockchain, so you can be sure that payments to participating charities are fully transparent and verifiable.
Note: All charities and non-profit organizations listed on our platform are legally registered entities and have gone through a thorough KYC process before being included as a trusted non-profit organization.

Content Moderation

The MEDIA EYE platform will be operated by a dedicated team of technology enthusiasts and digital media specialists. The platform is designed to facilitate a frictionless and safe experience for all users.
MEDIA EYE moderators and customer support team will be curating and moderating NFT content that is listed and distributed on the platform. This is to ensure an environment that is safe, funded, and conducive to the needs of all users.
All content is moderated as per the terms and conditions of use that users agree to when accessing the MEDIA EYE platform and related services. Content in violation of our policies will be removed from the platform, moderators will make their best effort to respond and take action within 12 to 24 hours.