Your Web 3.0 identity
Avatar Web 3.0 has become so unique that it is not just a blockchain address or digital art, but also your personal identity in the Internet space. The platform allows using Avatar Builder and Avatar Minter services for you to create a 2D or 3D self in the digital world.
Avatars can be used for social media, metaverse, games, participation in online conferences and meetings, and also for invitations or tickets to sports, cultural, business or educational events, etc. The use of avatars in the digital world is increasing day by day.
Present yourself in the digital world using a wide range of downloadable digital formats on different blockchains (Fantom, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain).

Avatar Builder

Enjoy the creation of your own Avatar with MEDIA EYE Avatar Builder service that offers various generators for creating 2D, 3D & Meme avatars. Create your unique personality and surprise your loved ones, partners, and global community.

Avatar Minter

Avatar Minter Services has assembled a wide range of minting options, Avatar Mint NFT, Avatar Jumbo Mint, Avatar Generative Collections. Transfer your identity into the digital space, or create unique avatar collections and gain direct access to consumer markets for digital content.


Create your own unique pet and transfer it to the digital world with MEDIA EYE PetAvatars services. PetAvatars is the pet identity on Web 3.0 with custom traits and properties such as pet and owner information, breeder information, favorite treats, awards, and many more.
Bring your pet to the Metaverse!