NFT Platform
Providing a comprehensive Blockchain-as-a-Service technology platform.
  • NFT HUB: allows users to research popular artists, as well as content on multiple marketplaces across a diverse range of blockchain networks.
  • NFT Marketplace: provides users flexibility to list, sell, auction or buy NFTs, offering immediate access for users to take action.
  • NFT Collections: provide users the ability to mint and create their collections for individuals, groups, businesses and communities.
  • NFT Events Gallery: allows users to create unique events, highlight & market collections, promote and drive brand awareness.
  • NFT Campaign Launcher: provides the ability to distribute NFT across multiple blockchain networks to unlimited number of users.
  • NFT Bundling: allows users to bundle NFTs minted on the platform and offer them for sale, grouping any number of NFTs.
  • NFT Featured Content: allows users to feature their content in a premium marketplace section on the website.
  • NFT Boost: users can choose to boost NFTs that they like, or boost their own NFTs to create more visibility for their content.
  • NFT Cross Chain Transfer: allows users to transfer their NFTs between multiple blockchains.
  • Subscriptions: unlocks services across multiple blockchains, allowing users to use the full suite of platform services in a cost effective fashion.
  • NFT Charity: allows users to donate to their favorite participating charity on the platform "Charity Place".
  • Lazy Mint: provides artists and content creators the capability of minting collections with no up-front cost, essentially creating the NFT for free.
  • Millions of Pixels Canvas: allows users to purchase blocks so pixels to place their NFTs on the biggest on-chain canvas to ever be created.
  • Curated airdrop: Easily create and manage your airdrops campaigns in a gas optimized cost-effective way. This includes creating bounties, whitelisting the recipients' addresses and sending the token or NFT to every whitelisted address in a few clicks.
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