Million Pixels Canvas
On-chain NFT canvas: 10.8 million pixels divided into 26,000 blocks, used to create the largest NFT canvas on the blockchain ever.
The Million Pixels Canvas is a unique NFT project which allows for anyone to acquire blocks of pixels to create what will be the largest on-chain pixel canvas. There will be 10.8 million pixels available, which can be purchased in blocks of 20 x 20 pixels. Each participant can place their NFT art content or artistic logos on the canvas, and in return shall be listed in the project participants list highlighting their NFT content. Participants will also be eligible to receive a unique limited edition NFT of the canvas, once all blocks are sold. The Million Pixels NFT, called "The ONE," will ensure that this amazing canvas is immutably preserved on the blockchain for public enjoyment for many years to come.
Million Pixels is a non custodial on-chain canvas that allows users to participate by uploading their NFT content once they purchase the selected block(s). Content will be moderated for approval to ensure that all submissions are of artistic quality and do not contain images deemed inappropriate. The Millions Pixels Canvas allows users to purchase blocks on the largest on-chain canvas to ever be created; there will only ever be 26,000 20x20 pixels blocks.
Payments can be made in crypto or through payment provider services that are offered on the project's platform. Up to 25% of all proceeds generated from the sale of blocks will be distributed to participating registered non-profit charitable organizations, and will be registered on-chain to ensure full transparency. Blocks are claimed on a first come, first serve basis, and once all of the blocks are sold, the Million Pixels Canvas will be rendered digitally on a single limited edition NFT.
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