Avatar Creator Services
This is a great way to represent yourself in the digital world, as well as an opportunity to earn money by selling your work. Build avatars or upload your unique work and then use Avatar Creator Services to introduce yourself into the digital world on different blockchains (Fantom, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain).
The unique avatars you created are not only an address in the blockchain, it’s Your Own Identity on Web 3.0
Use cases supported:
  • Use your Avatar to Prove and Secure your Identity, secure KYC
  • Assign and Connect your Avatar to your Wallet Address
  • Change your Avatar and Transfer you Avatar to a new Wallet Address
  • Store All your Wallet Addresses in your Avatar
  • Connect your Avatar to your social media
  • Description BIO of who you are. Create and Change BIO
  • Your Crypto related and Socials, likes and preferences
  • What are your favorite NFT Protocols and Collections
With the METAVATAR Application, users can create an Avatar NFT for their Wallet Address. This can be used for social networks, games, attending online conferences and meetings, etc. Create Avatar Collections and use them for a variety of needs such as invitations or tickets to sports, cultural, business, or educational events. You’ll also have the option to simply create a collection to earn money through sales.
METAVATAR Application offers its users Avatar NFT Minting, Avatar Collection Minting, Jumbo Mint Avatar Collections 'Unlimited', and Generative Avatar Collections.
Digital Content
Our goal is to provide a wide range of digital content formats that are supported for all of our creator services. We try to offer creators maximum flexibility and assurance of knowing that their time and efforts are valuable and we respect that. There is no need to spend time reformatting files or compressing to levels where quality suffers.
We go the extra step, and ensure that a wide range of options for content uploads is available! *Creators can upload image, video, audio, 2D or 3D model files (JPEG, PNG, SVG, MP4, GLB, GLTF, OBJ) with a maximum file size of up to …MB. We plan to add other popular formats for 3D art and gaming in the near future.
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