Metagate is a gateway that opens new frontiers in Web 3.0 NFT driven services
Blockchain technology and NFTs allow people to create unique digital assets, such as virtual clothing, land, dwellings, avatars, worlds, art, digital goods, and much more. As new virtual space is created such as the Metaverse, inadvertently unique environments develop for participants to socialize, play games, trade digital content and much more. As of now, the Metaverse is no comparison to actual reality, but as technology evolves MEDIA EYE NFT Portal will be at the forefront. By providing blockchain as a service technology engineered to aid users on their new digital quests, MEDIA EYE will be a companion and gateway into the Metaverse. The word “Metaverse” is a broad term that generally refers to online interoperable multidimensional virtual spaces that allow people to interact in more immersive ways than traditional websites. These virtual interactions can be assisted through the use of VR headsets and VR technology to enhance the user experience of feeling present within virtual environments that can be explored via the embodiment of an avatar (a virtual representation of yourself). These life-like multidimensional interactive online spaces will allow people to immerse themselves within digital content rather than just viewing it through a screen.
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