Multi-Chain Gateway Into the Metaverse
MEDIA EYE NFT Portal is a BaaS multi-chain NFT protocol developed for the Ethereum, Fantom and Binance Smart Chain networks, allowing for broad adoption amongst users with a broad range of user-friendly services. MEDIA EYE offers multi-chain NFT minting, which translates to a better user experience and makes it accessible to a wide range of users globally.
The MEDIA EYE platform will also continue developing its interoperability with other EVM compatible blockchains and on-board its services to other networks shortly after public release in Q2 2022.
A broad range of minting options ensures that users can easily create their NFTs and gain access to leading NFT markets, all on one platform.
Minting available at platform release: Ethereum ERC 721 & ERC 1155, Binance Smart Chain BEP 721 & BEP 1155 & Fantom FTM 721 & FTM 1155
Artists and content creators alike can create and mint NFTs (ERC 721, BEP 721 & FTM 721) or a series of multiple NFTs (ERC 1155, BEP 1155 & FTM 1155). The newly created NFTs are minted to the creators, which can then be used to create collections or placed on the NFT marketplace for sale or auction. You may also bundle your NFTs together in order to make it easier and more attractive for potential buyers.
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