Web 3.0 Gateway

Gateway that opens new frontiers in Web 3.0 NFT driven services

WEB 3.0

The next generation of the Internet full of limitless possibilities
MEDIA EYE takes its users on an amazing journey of harnessing the power of WEB 3.0 and blockchain technologies that open the Gateway to using NFTs as more than just digital artwork. Blockchain technology and NFTs enable people to create unique digital assets such as virtual clothing, real estate, homes, avatars, worlds, art, digital goods, access to limited edition products or special sales, and more. NFTs can be used as tickets to concerts or for online video games. The metaverse is also a great use case for NFTs. Creating new virtual spaces like the Metaverse inadvertently creates unique environments where participants own, communicate, play, share, etc. digital content.

Creator Economy

With the introduction of WEB 3.0, the creation, collection, and use of NFTs have greatly increased. Under this plan, MEDIA EYE provides the services necessary to create, support, and grow the creator economy with NFTs at scale. This is where MEDIA EYE is truly the next-generation platform capable of supporting the vast ecosystems of digital goods that make up the ever-growing creative economy. At the same time, it opens up opportunities for users to create value at scale with existing digital content and digital services markets.


Some observers see a scalable future with NFTs as a means to cost-effectively monetize and drive the growth of next-generation digital goods on the Internet, Web 3.0 ecosystems, networks, and social media. AOSP "Awareness, Ownership, Stakeholders, and Participation" are the four keys to driving the growth, adoption, and creation of new creative economies around the world. They are taking digital content and digital goods markets, as well as social networks and large-scale global media, into new dimensions of value creation, participation, cost-effectiveness, experiential relevance, and unlimited green scalability through e-commerce.