We are on a mission and we won't stop!
As MEDIA EYE continues to evolve in accordance with our vision, we understand the unique and challenging journey we have undertaken. Every step in the development of the platform's services brings us closer to further refining the ultimate mission of MEDIA EYE.
We realized along the way that our mission is to truly create an NFT ecosystem capable of both supporting and evolving with the vast number of potential use cases for NFTs.. To further support our mission we decided to take NFT focused services to the next level, providing users a plethora of services, starting from automated content creation and NFT minting, to easy and cost effective promotion, campaigning, and trading of NFT, plus we have added automated charitable contributions to approved charities, avatar creation and much more. We also saw the need for integration of our services with all leading social, streaming, and marketing platforms, offering our users unprecedented capability to create, distribute, offer, sell, promote and drive their activities with NFTs .. Globally!
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